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Let go off Anxiety for now
Let go off Anxiety for now

British Accent Coaching & Elocution

During a 1.5 hr assessment lesson, the quality of your voice will be assessed through a series of exercises including; the pronunciation of individual sounds, conversation, reading, topic discussion and vocal exercises, such as chanting. The next step is to choose between the Digital Course, the Combined Course, the Skype course or the Jetsetters Course. These courses are described in more depth, below:


This course is not just designed to reduce your accent, but also to improve your ability to communicate with confidence in English. By working on your accent, you will improve your listening skills and will be better able to understand native, British, English speakers.

The course is made up of 40 videos, a hypnotherapy audio, and a manual (over 6 hours of content) and mirrors a 1-1 course that Francesca delivers via Skype. There is a review video to enable you to assess your progress at regular intervals throughout the course. Francesca shares her most effective strategies and her best work and all you have to do is follow her instructions. If motivation or emotions get in the way, there is a hypnotherapy audio; especially designed to help you overcome any emotional challenges that you may come up against.

It is designed to be followed over a specific period of time. Francesca recommends 9-12 months intensive work, followed by a further 3 months of lighter practice. This course includes a 1.5 hour assessment via Skype.

Perks: Once you have begun the digital course, you can book further sessions with Francesca at any point. These lessons will be charged per hour- This option is only available to individuals following one of Francesca’s programmes.

THE COMBINED COURSE (Part Digital, Part one-to-one)

This course is perfect for you if you are self- motivated enough to work through the digital course, but also work well one-to-one.

This course is made up of 13.5 hours via Skype and 6 + hours in the form of video lessons and includes a manual and hypnotherapy audio.

It follows the same lessons covered in the 6 month course over the same timeframe. The main difference is that you take 1 lesson of one hour via Skype per week rather than the 2 hours required for the 25.5 hour course.

THE SKYPE COURSE (25.5 hours one-to-one, via Skype over a 6 month period)

The reason this course lasts 25.5 hours and not a year is because an intensive course with daily practice is the most effective way to transform your spoken communication.

Courses are tailor made to suit individual needs and can cover any of the following:

  • Vocal strength
  • Vocal clarity
  • Clear pronunciation
  • Vocal variety
  • Vocal tone
  • Smoother accent
  • Fluid speech
  • Rhythm
  • Word stress
  • Sentence stress
  • Vocal Projection
  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar
  • Understanding muscles in the mouth
  • Daily exercises derived from speech therapy
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Mindset and Motivation

The Weekly Programme:

The amount of hours you decide to do each week will be dependent on the timeframe you would like to complete the course in. I recommend two lessons of one hour per week unless you are limited by time constraints- in which case, we can complete the programme in a shorter time period.

Motivation is key here, which is why this programme involves interaction with me at least twice a week to keep you focused- sessions last 1 hour. The length of your course will be decided between us.
My course is about both accelerating the learning process and forming great new habits. I know that learning something new can be emotionally challenging. This is why I often incorporate some techniques to improve mindset to keep you on track with the programme. If you can complete your daily practice, you are half way there. Just fifteen to thirty minutes a day makes a massive difference.

After 12 weeks

At the end of the 12 week course, there is a 3 month self-study period. At the end of this time, we then have a catch up session, which lasts 1.5hrs. During this time, you will be re-assessed to see whether there is any further work to be done. I will then send you my feedback and leave it up to you to decide if you would like to review any areas highlighted during the catch up session.




This course is specifically designed for people who want exceptional results in a short space of time. Everything about this course can be tailor made to suit individual needs- location, timeframe and course contents.

What makes this course so much more effective than most other courses on the market is the sheer variety of methodologies used:


Guidance on the pronunciation of individual sounds

Warm up exercises to work on resonance

Warm up exercises to work out the muscles in the mouth and tongue

Exercises to change the voice in your head

Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and coaching

Pictures and videos to make it visual

Listening exercises to work on your ear

Exercises on vocal variety and vocal tone to help you feel what you say and say what you feel


“A British accent is something that you need to see, here and feel"

Francesca Gordon-Smith

Whilst many elements of the course can be adapted to suit the special needs of VIP and celebrity clients, it must be noted that the client must put in an amount of self-study that is (at least) equal to the number of hours spent in one-to-one lessons.

To see examples of my teaching, visit my YouTube channel:




Vary pitch, pace, intonation, volume & tone
Take your time to breathe & pause

People enquire about elocution lessons for a variety of reasons, but all those who decide to pursue it realise the importance of creating rapport and 'being listened to'. If you speak with clarity and eloquence, your audience will be captivated. Speaking with clarity is particularly useful at business meetings, interviews and conferences, but imagine your friends, family and partners hanging on your every word. When people really listen to what you say, you feel more valued and confident.

We offer Elocution lessons to both native English speakers, and those learning English as a foreign or second language. The format of lessons depends very much on individual needs and may focus on some or all of the following areas:

  • Pronunciation of individual sounds
  • Clarity and diction
  • Pause
  • Intonation, pitch, pace and tone
  • Word and syllable emphasis
  • Correct breathing

After ascertaining any specific pronunciation problems, the teacher creates exercises to suit the student's needs. These often take the form of 'tongue twisters'.

For best results it is recommended that the student practises the exercises created during lessons at least once a day. As well as helping with specific elocution problems, these exercises should make students more aware of the different muscles in their mouth and throat.

We often use drama as a study tool. As well as working on the pronunciation of individual sounds, we also highlight the importance of things such as word/syllable stress, pitch and pause. We help to improve vocal variation and vocal range, giving the spoken word much more impact. Our teachers often use extracts from plays or books, or devise role plays to suit the individual needs of the student. In the past, we have taught actors, young professionals, investment bankers and recent graduates, all looking to further their careers.

For further details, contact us

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