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Let go off Anxiety for now
Let go off Anxiety for now

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Put Your Judgements Away

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 by Positivevoice

When I first started training people in public speaking and communication skills, I did so without the aid of my therapeutic tool kit. I found again and again that people had to let go of limiting thoughts and self judgement before they were able to stand up and enjoy the process of speaking. Fortunately, I now have the knowledge to enable people to achieve this.

Here is a poem that my good friend and poet, Mark Jeoffroy, wrote for me, which really sums up the process of gaining emotional balance, which is necessary if we are to enjoy life.

Loves Infinite

Return to the heart.
Into the quiet
Into the love
Into the infinite

Choose to go there.
Relinquish your judgemental pain-
Return to the heart.

How much more simple it is there!
How much quieter
How much smarter

Put your judgements away and rest
Into the heart of the present
Where love is-

Taste it's nectar.
Let it make you a loving being-
Loved and loving.

Throw away
Your poverty,
And come into the riches
Of the house of the heart.

Where there is nor I nor me
Nor lavish dependence
On others love
Nor limiting words

Just a heart heated
By the joy of love now.
Will you exchange poverty for riches?

Again and again
Return there-
Return to the heart-
Return to love's infinite

Mark Jeofferoy 2010

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