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Keep Motivated

Posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 by Positivevoice

People often worry about how to offer constructive criticism. Interestingly, I rarely hear people worrying about not giving enough praise. You may be surprised to hear that the two come hand in hand!

If you focus on keeping your staff and colleagues motivated, you will never need to worry about them becoming de- motivated.

The concept is simple, and comes back to this idea of us all having an emotional bank account. If your deposits into someone's account are low, there will be nothing left to take out when you offer constructive feedback. This will result in your poor colleague going into deficit and we all know what happens then: low self esteem, slumps in confidence and de- motivation.

So, keep your team pumped up with plenty of praise!

Beware, though; false, empty praise won't go very far. Your praise MUST be genuine!

Become a Competent Communicator

Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by Positivevoice

People often ask me how best to manage their staff or deliver constructive criticism without causing offence.

The quick way:

Sandwich your constructive criticism between honest praise or compassion.

1. Commendation: Offer a commendation by praising them for something they do well or thanking them for doing something. This could be about their punctuality, presentability or the fact that they just made you a cup of tea!

2. Constructive criticism: Ask them about the problem rather than launching straight into accusations or say: 'you're doing well and I'd like to see you doing even better' (notice how I use 'and' in place of 'but'- 'but' always negates what comes before and should be avoided.

3. Commendation: Finish by saying something pleasant, by praising or thanking them. This may seem foreign to start with, but will keep them motivated. Criticism can often perpetuate a problem and demotivate, so this last step is crucial.

As I said, this is the quick way. You can keep people motivated by highlighting the good things they do on a daily basis. Interestingly, a lot of managers only point out the negatives, which can lead to low self esteem and under performance.

Give this more supportive approach a try and notice the results. You may, initially, find it easier in writing... But keep practicing and you'll soon become extremely competent.

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