My job has recently been transferred from the UK to an Asian country. With the move from my established position to a new challenging role in a new environment, I suddenly found myself lacking my usual level of confidence...

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The Difference between LEARNING and MASTERING a New Skill

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 by Positivevoice

Each week, i receive emails about British accent coaching from my YouTube followers. For many, videos seem to be the preferred medium for Learning a new skill. I Wonder how many of my blog followers learn from videos? If you do, how much are you really Learning?

Do you remember being tested at school, college or university? If you're anything like me, these moments when you were asked to demonstrate your knowledge were the most beneficial in terms of your journey towards mastering the subject. Don't get me wrong, i'm a huge fan of video Learning. I regularly follow YouTube tutorials and find it the best way to fit yoga into my Schedule. What i do miss, though, is the feedback and correcting i ued to get from my yoga teachers when i lived in London.

It is with this in mind that i have created a membership community. Follow this link to find out how to get a FREE 7 Day Trial to: Fran's British Accent Monthly Membership Community.

For just 49 Euros per month, you will receive:

  • Access to a growing Library of Videos (Get a FREE 7 Day trial)
  • Access to my closed Facebook Group: Fran's British Accent
  • An invitation to 2 Live Coaching Calls per month 
The Library of videos includes:
  • The 45 sounds in the International Phonetic Index
  • The melody and rhythm of British English
  • Warm up exercises to improve your pronunciation and to develop British resonance
  • Coaching on mindset
The Live Coaching Calls will provide you with FEEDBACK on your progress.The Facebook Group is the perfect forum for sharing, guiding and correction. There will be weekly challenges and this is where i will give additional feedback in between coaching calls.Are you in? Watch the video for further details or head over to Fran's British Accent to find out how you can sign up for a FREE 7 Day Trial.

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