My job has recently been transferred from the UK to an Asian country. With the move from my established position to a new challenging role in a new environment, I suddenly found myself lacking my usual level of confidence...

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Let go off Anxiety for now
Let go off Anxiety for now

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Overcome anxiety in one simple step

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 by Positivevoice

Anxiety is a state that comes from within. Yes, of course external factors play a part, but the final decision as to whether you feel anxious is yours. Anxiety can be very useful, as it acts as a warning signal; If you feel anxious about an upcoming commitment, it usually means that something needs to be changed. If you need to pack for your holiday, the anxiety serves as a reminder to finish your packing. If you have a public speaking engagement coming up, perhaps the anxiety is a reminder that you need to prepare your speech. If you have been invited to your ex's wedding, then the anxiety may just be a warning sign that you shouldn't go! Only you can decipher your anxiety. Ask yourself BOLD questions and you will receive BOLD answers.

If your anxiety relates to things outside your control or you struggle to find a rational explanation for it, then my latest hypnotherapy audio may be just what you are looking for. Let go of anxiety now is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon music.

What is The Best Version of YOU?

Posted on Thursday, April 09, 2015 by Positivevoice

People often say to me that they are shy, unhappy, an introvert, de-motivated, anxious… you fill in the gap; the options are endless.

If you do this, you are labelling yourself. When you label yourself in this way, you perpetuate the exact behaviour or strategy that you would like to eliminate. This is a theory that rings very true for me.

Despite being aware of this, at week 20 of my pregnancy, I am feeling what can only be described as lack of patience. I have even caught myself exclaiming that 'I have no patience today'. I am staying with my brother, while my lovely partner renovates our new house to make room for baby #2. I couldn’t be happier… when I am safely tucked away in the little log cabin in my brother’s garden, where I am staying with my little girl, but as soon as I go into his house, I find myself surrounded by chaos; my little girl spends her time emptying the kitchen cupboards and I feverishly try to tidy and re-tidy whilst making breakfast or lunch and I am nothing short of impatient with my little niece. I do my very best to contain this annoyance as it bubbles up inside and every so often it spills out in the form of a short telling off. This is me at my worst; grumpy and impatient.

So, what happened to the super patient me and how do I get her back?

The same way I have recovered from both big and small break ups and the same way I have re-motivated myself after a few months off from work.

The hardest part is admitting to yourself that you are less than you could be. Essentially, any negative behaviour is, quite simply, a cry for help from the depths of your being, a call to action; a sign post signalling that a change of direction is required. Once you have spotted this, the solutions are endless. For me, there are currently three things that bring me back into balance and when they are practiced regularly, the old me comes back, relatively fast, feeling patient and solution focused.

My Solutions

  1. Meditation: For me, this enables me to turn off my internal chatter; it relaxes me and gives me time to recuperate. There are many forms of mediation and I use a combination of the ones I have come across, according to my mood.
  2. Yoga: I find this incredibly relaxing and energising. My favourites are Anusara and Hridaya because they are simultaneously relaxing and energising. I always feel my best after practice. Pre- natal yoga is obviously the only option for me right now, but I also find it helps a great deal.
  3. Personal Development books: When my positive, motivated self is in need of a little re-enforcement, I always go for one of my favourite books. Right now, I am following ‘A Course in Miracles’, which is the ultimate personal development book. Some people find it a little heavy and prefer to read books based on the text, by authors such as Marianne Williamson and Gabrielle Bernstein, which are also incredibly transformational.

Other simple ways to uplift my mood are: writing, teaching and going for walks in the countryside (where I happen to be right now).

I would say that I am ‘at my best’ when I am doing the things I love, like coaching or playing with my little girl. Who are you when you are at your best? What is your ‘perfect solution’ – after all, it is all about being solution focused, isn’t it?

For yoga and mediation, I recommend:

For relaxation:

For fitness, energising and pure fun:

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