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Accent Reduction: My Most Powerful Lesson Yet

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 by Positivevoice

My YouTube videos on vocal warm ups have over 50,000 views. Whilst this is one of the best ways to shift your resonance and thus reduce your accent, it is not the only important method that needs to be practiced. One of the greatest contributors to success, when it comes to successfully reducing an accent, is a positive mindset.

You may be wondering how you can possibly achieve this or indeed whether you really need to. Last week, I uploaded a full length hypnotherapy audio to YouTube. This is an audio that i recorded in a studio a few years ago to be shared exclusively with followers of my 12 week course in accent reduction. Last week, i decided that it was time to spread the word about the benefits of hypnotherapy and positive mindset when it comes to making big changes like reducing your accent. This is an area that is hugely overlooked by many. We are often told to be positive, but rarely given the tools to achieve this. Please do set aside 50 minutes to lie back and go through this incredibly relaxing purpose.

The main problem encountered by people looking to reduce their accent is that there is a huge emotional connection with the voice. Emotions often surface when we are speaking, which can be felt by the speaker (often manifesting in a dry, tight throat) and heard by the listeners. As English is a language which utilises the throat more than most other languages this can make speaking English and being understood even more challenging.

So, here it is; my solution to this pressing problem; a full length hypnotherapy audio:

Some wise words from Milton Erickson:

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